Monday, 10 October 2011

What a Day in London

After Jackie pointed out the exhibition for 'Treasures of Heaven' which was held at the British museum I managed to rope Tom into accompanying me to it on Friday. The exhibition contains relics from medieval time period.

More info here

Treasures of Heaven

The exhibition was pretty interesting; however it wasn't relevant to my work. Although it contained religious items, they were too focused to be used in my project.

Despite the fact the exhibition was unhelpful; the entire trip wasn't a waste of time. I also went to Victoria and Albert Museum to look at the tapestries and medieval display there. This proved to be far more helpful and useful. There were building structures which would be helpful should I need to model one. Also I found a tapestry with horse on which (as Jackie pointed out) I can use with stylizing the Huntsman's horse.

Medievil Structures and Objects

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