Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Things To Look At

This is a post more so for me so that I have the list of comedians Alan gave me in a place where I know I wont loose them.

  • Charlie Chaplin
  • Buster Keaton
  • Harold Lloyd
  • Mr Bean
  • Slapstick comedy


  1. Charlie Chaplin fan here!!! I have films that might interest you. Most of his famous silent ones City Lights (one of the finest films ever made), The Kid, The Circus etc. A collection of early shorts called the Chaplin Revue and another called The Mutual films. I have a couple of his late talkies Limelight and a King in New York (not great). Do tell me if you want to borrow them.

    There's also the Richard Burton film 'Chaplin' with Robert Downey jnr as Charlie. It's quite good. Also his autobiography, which is excellent. He was an amazing performer and led an interesting life, slightly peculiar at times.

  2. Yes please. what's also rather ironic is on the till desk at the charity shop I used to help at there was an entire box set of Charlie Chaplin DVD's. I find it ironic that I used to stare at them a few hours a week and now I need to watch them.

  3. A lesson learned, don't say no to some Charlie Chaplin! :p

    I will bring in some films on Monday. :)

  4. Oh....ok....I'll try and remember that and thansk :D

  5. Oh no I can see the baseroom full of slapstick comedy and Charlie Chaplin wanna be's, lol. I'm partial to Buster Keaton myself.