Thursday, 22 October 2009

Scene Editing

I didn't create anything in this scene. Just edited it in Photoshop like the tutorial said.

Not a lot to say, other than this took less time than I thought it would.


  1. Charlotte - Well done for attempting all the tutorials. You seemed to have improved over the five week period too. Although a minor area of concern seems to be your use of lighting. A common error appearing in your images is the control of light 'intensity' and in one particular case 'missing shadows'. I would urge you to go back and try one more time (lighting tutorials) so that you start to iron out those problems early on.

  2. Hi Charlotte, even though you won't be seeing me this week I do hope that you have set asidesome time from your friend to research a little of what is expected of you in this project.

  3. Hi guys, the DVD I was talking about today is called Concept Design 2, Sketching Environments by Feng Zhu, the sequel is Concept Design 4. A couple of books to check out include:

    Massive Black, Volume 1
    Bold Visions, The Digital Painting Bible by Gary Tonge.

    If you need to E-Mail me my address is