Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Final Idea Rough Designs

I have decided to use the image of my crouched down with a chain on my arm for my final portrait. I will be manipulating it and I already have some ideas as to how the final image might look like.

The first part of the final idea was that I could blank out the face or even just the eyes. This would show that on the outside, there appears to be no feeling or emotion shining through. Because this is how Autistic people tend to look. Although they feel emotion like everyone else, it doesn't always show. E.g. someone could be really excited about something and be telling the autistic person but instead of smiling back the autistic person would stare blankly back. Not because they intend to be rude or don't feel the same, they just find it hard to express their feelings.

I then moved onto designing a background to fit in with the theme of my final portrait. The first background idea would be to have a window to the side of the blanked face figure with people outside showing emotion. One of the people outside would also be the autistic person with a smile or frown on their face to show the emotion inside. A similar idea to this would be instead of a window and other people being seen with expression, a ghostly form is seen instead. This would be the Autistic person with an angry determined look on their face behind the expressionless figure.

My other idea, which I'm not too sure on any more would be again back to the window idea, but of the Autistic person riding away on a horse with a smile on their face. This would be to show that they would be happy to be free and show how their feeling. However, I won't be using this idea as I don't think it expresses correctly the true feelings of not being able to show expression.

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