Monday, 5 October 2009


....and understanding them.

Going back to the symptoms of having Aspergers Syndrome, another problem which often arises is a lack of understanding expressions and emotions. Although I can understand both emotions and expressions there will always be a time when I am unsure whether someone displays signs of anger, sadness etc. With the aid of _____ I experimented with different expressions, taking photos of each one. However even though it was more for experimentation, I had no idea on what to do with the photos taken. But when I thought about how people with Aspergers struggle with expressions etc, I attempted to come up with an idea featuring the pictures I’d acquired.

I finally came up with an idea. A series of expressions based around a close up shot of an eye. The expressions are ones used on an everyday basis. The eye is meant to be the view of someone with Aspergers. The pupil has been blanked out completely because they can’t comprehend what emotion is what.

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  1. You did well confronting things that you were unsure of expressing